Lions Club Brussels Heraldic supports super marathon runner Ralph Mesquita to fight against obesity and demonstrate European unity

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Belgo-Brazilian Ralph, 25 years,  presented  Heraldic with the Eurocross project to run single handed  from the North of Norway to the South of Spain ( see map) to fight against child obesity and demonstrate European Unity by running 5,500 km from the top of Norway to the south of Spain without customs borders.

Today one in three  children between the ages of six and nine in the European Union are now classified as overweight or obese.  Ralph’s charity, The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) has called on the EU to act now to tackle this growing epidemic, directly linked to this year’s Lions International  global action against diabetes.

With a small support team in a second hand mobile home, Ralph runs all alone. He will cover over 5,500km in 75 days passing 800 cities. Ralphs plan has it all covered, social media, crowdfunding, GPS tracking.  Lions Heraldic is happy to support Ralph when he reaches the 3000 km mark (over half way) in Brussels.

Photo: Super marathon Eurocross project fights obesity. Lion Terry Davidson, Ralph Mesquita and  logistics manager Maddy (daughter of Lion Dominic Kelleher) welcome Ralph as he reaches  3000 km in Brussels Cinquantenaire.

Terry Davidson

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