Lions Heraldic inaugurates new garden chalet for Les Vraies Richesses

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Last year a group of enterprising Lions and two resourceful ladies from Les Vraies Richesse began building a Heraldic sponsored garden chalet for this remarkable Anderlecht-based day centre for handicapped people. Plank by plank from ground zero, the efforts of this team resulted in this spacious  outdoor chalet that opens up garden and outdoor activities  for Les Vraies Richesses guests. Administrators Bruna Sassi and Isabelle are as adept with a hammer and electric drill, as they are in running Les Vraies Richesses. In June, the chalet was inaugurated with a garden party and the addition of a Lions Plaque ‘Supported by Lions International ‘above the entrance. The plaque was donated by outgoing Lions Governor Hugues Angot as part of his campaign to leave a lasting legacy of Lions activities. Left to right Marc Gerrard, Director, Isabelle Vanhalle, administrator, Lion Marc de Meester, Lion Françoise Rouer, new President Jaak Neynes, Lion Dirk Deberdt and  Les Vraies Richesses Manager Bruna Sassi.

by Terry Davidson


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